Still Me

By Megan Thomas

I nearly didn’t read it because of my disappointment with After You, and that would’ve been so damn sad. I loved Me Before You, and this was so reminiscent of that tone and charm. 

Louisa lost Will in Me Before You, a young man who she once was a carer for but fell in love with. Then came Will’s unexpected daughter Lily, who dragged Lou out of her depressive slump and plonked her firmly back in her bumblebee tights. Soon, Lou fell in love with Sam, love being a feat she thought impossible. 

But as fate would have it, up popped an opportunity in New York for Lou to once again make an attempt at finding herself, which gets us to the beginning of Still Me. Being staff in New York elite society comes with its fair share of problems, alongside its fair share of glamorous limousine rides and expensive dresses. But what does the distance mean for Lou and Sam? What does being so far from home mean for Lou? Where does she belong? Is she still her? 

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