A Family Affair

By Megan Thomas

A Family Affair is a brand new novel and you most definitely should get your hands on it. I’ve had to compensate with a very bright background in my picture because the grey Kindle vibe just doesn’t match the vibrancy of this book. 

While interviewing Sue Nyathi for my new podcast and interview show, Babble, I learnt that it’s actually the first book she wrote (other than those she wrote in high school for her friends and peers). Two books were then written and published, The Polygamist and The GoldDiggers, and now A Family Affair is finally available for us to devour. Watch that interview now:

In my opinion, A Family Affair is the perfect combination of both of Sue’s previous books and her best yet. It’s a blend of the drama and scandal I loved about The Polygamist, as well as the social, economic and political climate in which the characters exist in Zimbabwe, which I loved about The GoldDiggers. Sue tells the story of the Mafu family and all their various relationships and dysfunctions, despite their traditional and religious grounding in their society (… or maybe because of that). Each character is affected by debilitating patriarchal structures in different ways: at some times rejecting it, at other times perpetuating it, at other times overcoming it. Sue is so honest about the culture in which she grew up, and says in our interview, “I was raised on patriarchy”, and she deals with sexism’s razor-sharp claws in all its manifestations. However, the characters are never just vessels for the points Sue wants to make, their experiences all read as if happening to real, three-dimensional people.

Let me make this perfectly clear: as brilliant as Sue is, she *will* make you cry and she will show NO MERCY for how you want things to turn out.

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