Be Your Own Best Friend

By Megan Thomas

I love following author and influencer Chessie King’s life on Instagram, she’s funny and silly and lovely and empowering.

I was excited to see she had narrated her audiobook and it was a very quick listen. While I think it’s better angled towards young adults, it’s similarly funny and silly and lovely and empowering, just like she seems online.

I think her retelling of the life experiences and insecurities which she ultimately triumphed over to be who she is today is authentic and that while not necessarily always relatable, they often ring universally true across a number of experiences that come with being – or growing into – a woman. I wish I’d read this at 14-15 and if you know anyone of that sort of age, or know a mother to someone of that sort of age, please push this into their hands. That, or the audiobook, because it’s like having a window into her brilliant, energetic, confident mind.

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