Ayoade On Top

By Megan Thomas

Richard Ayoade has written a book-length analysis of the 2003 dramedy View From The Top, interspersed with personal anecdotes. 

Now, part of the charm of this book is, in his own words, that not many people have watched the film – making it all the more important to write. But I am one of the few who, like Ayoade, has watched what can be likened to an Aviation version of Legally Blonde, starring non other than Gwyneth Paltrow as the up and coming air stewardess with a dream to soar…

As can be the case with concepts like this, there can be times when you find yourself wondering whether this should’ve just been a really funny opinion piece. But there’s a journey which you take when boarding the Ayoade flight, if you will. I really love a memoir delivered through something so niche and structured – you learn a lot about someone’s character and life when they’re not technically talking about it.

I recommend not just this book, but this delightfully sub-par film, and if you will only take my word on the former, I’ll leave Ayoade to convince you of the latter.

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