Wow, No Thank You

By Megan Thomas

This collection of essays by Samantha Irby is a reflection on the modern world and all the things from which we are meant to find joy and meaning. That may sound somewhat macabre, but I assure you – it’s hilarious and brilliant.

If I were to hear something described as “tell all”, there’s a degree to which I’d excuse certain omissions. Irby says Wow, No Thank to that – this really is tell *all*, nothing is off limits. Every confession and self-deprecating anecdote is so honest and in some ways so unpolished – or unglamourised for the sake of publication, at least – that Irby has achieved a realism that exceeds what I’ve come to expect, even from a memoir.

The balance between exceedingly relatable and “I cannot believe an actual human has experienced this” makes it such a unique and compelling read, appealing both to our desire to see ourselves reflected in non-fiction, as well as our hunger to learn about other experience.

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