The Importance of Being Earnest

By Megan Thomas

Oscar Wilde is a genius – and so funny! Bylined “A Trivial Comedy for Serious People”, this play is absurd and cheeky in delightfully excessive measures. What I love about Oscar Wilde’s writing is that it is so well revered in literature despite being largely farcical.

Algernon receives his friend Ernest in London, a man who he knows to be something of a “libertine” – devoid of moral principles, responsibilities or sexual restraint. But this is only part of Ernest’s reality. He splits his time between London and a country estate in Hertfordshire, where he is known to his staff and his young ward, the heiress Cecily, as Jack.

His reason for visiting London so often? Why, to keep track of his libertine brother Ernest, of course. But his rouse to regularly shirk his responsibilities is about to come crumbling down when Algernon finds out about this double life, and Ernest will soon learn the importance of being earnest.

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