About Me

Hi everyone. My name is Meg.

… and I like books.

When I was younger, I absolutely detested reading. I wasn’t bad at it, but it was a boring chore and quite frankly, I had lost track of what was happening before I’d even got to the end of a sentence. I used to pretend to fall asleep under my reading homework when my mom came to check I was doing it.

This presumably comes as a bit of a shock – people seem set on this notion that if you haven’t been trained as a young minion to Worship the Word, then you might as well never try because it’s just not going to happen. SNAP OUT OF IT. It’s all about finding the right book.

For me, it was something completely unique and uncommon for a 12-year-old. Harry Potter. Obviously. I started reading the Philosopher’s Stone out of pure, unadulterated FOMO. All my friends had just spent the night camped outside Exclusive Books waiting for the seventh and final installation and I was probably watching The Amanda Show (no disrespect if you’re reading this, Amanda Bynes. I love your work).

I gave it a go. Within a month, I’d finished them – nay, devoured them. As cliché as it definitely is, I never looked back. Until I hit university, where it all came to a grinding halt.

The only literary reading I did was my friend’s summary notes of set works I hadn’t bothered to even buy (which I have subsequently read, thinking regularly how much easier the exams would’ve been had I done it at the time. Especially the open-book ones). It was a weird time for me and I barely read for four and a bit years despite it having been a really big part of my life.

So, in January 2018, my New Year’s resolution was to read 25 books. Just over a couple a month. I set up a Goodreads Challenge. But this wasn’t enough, because I’m a millennial who’s partial to the occasional batch of proffering-my-unsolicited-opinions-of-things (and sharing said opinions on the internet). I made an Instagram account – the mamma-bear of this website. @have_you_read_this felt like its own mini, extremely-unpaid job while I was doing my MA, even though it was largely just me, on days where I didn’t have lectures, reading on the couch and taking perfectly-centred pictures of my books on my throw cushions. Fun-employment at its finest.

After just over a year on Instagram, I’m stirring this website into the mix. Not only so that I have a higher word count for books that deserve (or sometimes demand) more than a caption – though the Instagram posts will stay in their micro-summary format. It’s also because this won’t simply be a platform for reviews. I’ll be writing about all-things-bookie. Whether it’s literature themed cafés, launches and events, literary museums or very pretty bookshops, it’ll all be here.

Got any books to recommend? A question? A partnership opportunity? Get in touch: I’m all ears.