Let Me Tell You What I Mean

By Megan Thomas

My first Joan Didion – an anthology of her early writing. If the introduction which claimed these display the roots of how her writing developed over the course of her career is anything to go by, then I can’t wait to read more of her work.

I suspect fans of her fiction and later works might find it lacking, or perhaps it will be an interesting insight into the beginning of her writing. Either way, Let Me Tell You What I Mean was thoroughly enjoyable.

I was particularly fond of the essay, “Why I Write”. As a writer myself, reading what motivates other writers fascinates me – particularly when they’re actually able to put it into words. Her observations are witty and thorough, leaving no doubt that she has thought deeply about every sentiment on the page. I think reading about her writing process first will make her future work, and particularly her fiction, very enjoyable to read.

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