The Phoenix of Florence

By Megan Thomas

I’ve had this proof on my shelf for ages (it was published in 2019), and it was only after someone borrowed it and loved it that I decided it was next in my mission to not buy books until I’ve cleared the decks. I have no regrets because it was very entertaining.

Set in 16th century Florence and detailing the life and secrets of a child who is unwillingly flung into a career as a mercenary after a family feud turns incredibly violent, this isn’t a genre I typically pick – I’m just a bit squeamish when it comes to fighting. But it is very tastefully done, with limited blood and gore (or rather, limited graphic details) and I really enjoyed the insight into the life of a soldier. Not to mention, the attention to historical detail makes the reading experience very immersive!

There is a big plot point that anyone who has read the book will know I’m omitting, but it was such a lovely shock for me (having not read any summaries) so I’m going to encourage you to do the same and enjoy the reveal.

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